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Who We Are?

NationalLink is an industry leader providing complete ATM solutions. Over the past 20 years NationalLink has grown to be one of the largest ATM networks by providing the right tools, experience, and relationships to help you offer state of the art services to your customers and maximize your profits.

We provide unrivaled efficiency and reliability and our continued success can only be attributed to our high level of professionalism and dedication to customer satisfaction.

NationalLink was started in 1992 as an engineering firm assisting with the design and development of credit card and electronic fund transfer terminals. With the continuous Improvements and the need for new payment technologies, the company in late 1993 started providing payment processing solutions including sales and processing of credit card terminals. In 1996, with Cirrus and Plus allowing surcharging on ATM machines, the company entered the sales, service and processing of ATMs.

Since early 1996, NationalLink has been a nationwide company that provides complete turn-key ATM systems including sales, processing, service, and cash management. NationalLink is a master distributor of Triton Systems Inc., Hantle USA Inc., Genmega and Nautilus Hyosung USA. NationalLink is an ATM Service company first and we are also a certified repair center for all the leading ATM manufacturer’s and have certified and trained service technicians throughout the country.

NationalLink has formed strategic alliances with other industry leaders such as Manufacturers, Processors, and Industry Organizations allowing us to offer a complete package of extremely competitive pricing, transaction revenues and a nationwide service network. We are devoted to new technologies bringing new products and services to our customers.

Our mission is to develop a long-term relationship with our business partners establishing a mutually financial growth relationship. We are aggressive in our approach to bringing new products and services to merchants and financial institutions. As a result, we offer a complete line of ATMs to meet your customer’s financial needs – while assuring you of the highest quality and service possible.

NationalLink is also a member of the banking network system, such as Cirrus (MasterCard), Plus (Visa) and the Star Banking Network. Over the past 18 years, and with thousands of merchants online, NationalLink has solidified its position as a leader in the ATM Industry.